Turbo C setup and installation

Turbo C setup and installation

As you know, a compiler programmer converts the code written in a programming language into a machine executable form. Compilers are available from multiple according to different platforms for C ++ Programming Language

You can use this Turbo C ++ software in both C or C ++ programming.

Turbo C/C++

Turbo C ++ is an Integrated Development Environment Software. This IDE provides you with the Graphical User Interface and also provides you with automatic code compilation, syntax highlighting and the ability to work with multiple files simultaneously.

Turbo C++ Download

Download Turbo C++ :-Β  Click here

Turbo C++ Installation

We will here see how to setup TurboC/C++ compiler

  • Download Turbo C / C ++ and double-click setup.exe to begin the installation
Turbo C++ Installation started fig 1
  • Click Next above and determine the location of the installation.
Turbo C++ Installation started fig 2

In this lesson, we learned how to setup an environment for C language. In the next lesson, we will learn how to run our first C program with Turbo C.

If you have any difficulty in installation, then you can contact me by writing in the comments box, I will definitely solve your problem.

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