C – Introduction

‘C’ is a general purpose high level, compiles best and function or procedure oriented structured programming language using C language we can design different type of software like.

Operating system:-

Ex: – windows, UNIX, Linux,…


Ex: – Notepad, WordPad, MS word


Ex: – Compiler, Interpreter, Assembler

Commercial application:-

Ex: – ATM, Hotel, Super market programs

Data base:-

Oracle, My SQL, SQL server

Device driver:-

Ex: – Audio, Video, printer, USB drivers

PC and Mobile game etc.

Hence C is also called it is a multipurpose programming language.

What is program?

Set of instruction is called program.

What is software?

The programs and other operating information used by a computer.


When the environment is having graphical user interface, it is called digitalized.

When the task is completed without any human interface then it is called automated.

We are using basically two type of software.

  1. System software
  2. Application software

System software: – system software is used to connect the user with hardware and peripherals [pats].

Example of translator device driver’s keineks 

Application software: – application software is is designed to perform a p lo????????????????????

  • Oracle for the data base
  • Tally for accounts
  • Facebook for social media

What is a language?

Language is used to commercial with others.

In computer language is used to write the program to communicate with the devices.

We are using basically 3-type of language

  1. Machine language: – Creaked with 0.1
  2. Low level of assembly language: – Created with English like words called MNEMONICS.
  3. High level: – Created with simple English

C is having both low and high level features hence it is also called middle level language.

What is a complier?

User enters the program

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